The Last Christmas – Beloved Moses ( Edited by The Esse Richards )

She felt the cold breeze against her skin, her earrings danced to the melody of the wind, it was a strange morning on a strange beach. Unsure of what had happened, she picked up a bottle of alchohol, half empty from last night’s rendevouz, she smelt it and emptied it on the dry sand. It was freezing on the beach, but it didn’t seem to affect the beauty sleep her friends were having, she took time staring at them in all their different sleeping positions, equally also trying to remember what happened the night before, then it occured to her that she hadn’t seen James anywhere, more like he mysteriously disapeared. The next community was about thirty miles away, they had come camping, a way to celebrate their graduation from high school. Her mom was agaisnt her coming, but Daisy, she never got her way, her mom was mostly against her decisions but this time she was going to have fun, so she decided to sneak out of the house, her best friend Becca helped her with it. She was sure her mom would be agitated ,already looking for her, but not the slightest ”bad feeling” would stop her from having fun. It was her first time away from her mom, and she was going to use it wisely. Moreover Christmas was just around the corner, about two weeks away, it was a plus for her that she was having her first ”breaking bad” experience before christmas.

It was 6pm already and James was no where to be found, she was terrified and lonely, her friends didn’t care, she wondered if they even noticed that he wasn’t there, but as it was getting close to midnight they all started getting terrified, they got themselves into different search parties and went into the woods to look for him, but their efforts were all in vain, they decided the next morning to pretend as if nothing happened, since neither of them told anyone that they were going camping to celebrate their graduation from High School. Becca did her best in consoling Daisy that James was alright,” He probably went home already”, She said.

Eight days into Christmas, Twenty-two days after their getaway, James was nowhere to be found, the Police declared him a runaway, and everyone had moved on with their lives, even Becca looked too comfortable for someone whose boyfriend just disappeared into thin air. Christman went ahead as usual, the bliss, the cheer and the joy.

Fifteen days into Christmas, three of Daisy’s friends were all found dead including Becca, Christmas was turning sour already. Daisy, the last person to die, was found lifeless in her car with the word ”alone” engraved on her forehead, the police had no idea what it meant, there were no visible engravings on the other bodies, just Becca’s, Daisy put the pieces together and knew James was coming for her, ”alone” could only mean one thing and she knew what it meant. Daisy’s parent were scared for her, but they weren’t sure what caused the attacks or was behind the attacks, no one knew, just Daisy, and she wasn’t opening up.

Daisy jerked up from her sleep by an heavy knock on the door, the knock continued, she went to check her parents , they were still on their beds sleeping soundly, she wondered how they could sleep so peacefully with the continouos heavy knocking on the door, it almost felt like she was the only one hearing the knocks, she summouned courage and went to the door, as she got there the knocks stopped, she took a deep breath and said a little word of prayer as she opened the door, there was no one at the door, she checked around and there was no sign of an intruder, everything seemed so peaceful. The serenity freaked her out, things weren’t supposed to be normal after everything that had happened, and is still happening. There was no place to go this late in the night, just one place she used to go when she was a child with her childhood bestfriend; Janet. Janet was the only one who knew the place except from herself, and Janet had been deserted long ago shortly after she started seeing delusions about her dead mom. She was just 11, a young age to lose a mother. She started seeing things that weren’t there, talking to voices that no one heard, no one heard from her after she was taken to rehab.

Daisy found her way into the woods with a pack of gingerbread biscuit and a bottle of water, she walked as fast she could, trying as much as possible not to bring any attention to herself, she could see the old house in the woods, even in the thick blackness, it was just as old as it used to be when she was younger, when she enetered, she still saw the board game she used to play with Janet lying on the floor, she remembered the last time she came here, it was the day Janet’s mother died. She toured the house, in search of nothing, she heard the door slam, and an heavy knock like the one she heard back in her house, trying to run, she stumbled on something that felt like a dead body, she pointed her torch at it and saw James’ dead body laying on the ground, with the word ”alone” engraved on his forehead, she got confused, scared and fever struck her immediately, now she had no idea who had attacked them, and who was about to kill her, she was lost in thought when she heard a girl say something, the voice sounded familiar, she said ”Y’all thought I was crazy yeah?”


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