Spirals Of Our Thoughts – Review

There’s a thin line between average and excellence, and it’s hard work, Emmanuel Odunfa or Nuel as he’s popularly known as put in a lot of hard work into his anthology; “Spirals Of Our Thoughts“.

Emmanuel “Nuel” Odunfa has decided to make a difference, he has decided that poetry is not about the secular things of the world, but in fact poetry can be related to God. There’s a lot of God in this work, and there’s a lot of Nuel in it too, the anthology goes a long way in showing Nuel’s relationship with God, and it’s extremely delightful.

“He asks you to exchange your beliefs with believe,

He says regardless of your fate; have faith,

And through all sins which he hates,

He sees the depth of your hearts and loves you nonetheless.”

This is an excerpt from “The Call ft Temmy”, this just goes to show how much he believes in the God he serves and writes about.

In all, Spirals Of Our Thoughts is a great read, if you haven’t read it go to ( http://www.theartofade.com/nuels-groundbreaking-anthology-spirals-thoughts-finally-download ) TheArtOfAde.com and download it, you’ll never find a book so delicious and satisfying.

Beloved Moses


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