The September Agenda – Jumoke Ademola

The school year is right around the corner and there has to be something that we want to leave behind in the last school year, it could be personal or something the entire campus is aware of; a bad rumor, a nasty habit, a bad name, things that you just want to let go and move past from. What happened in the previous session should fade away with the previous session right? You may have been that girl that got accused of stealing, that one guy caught with drugs and alcohol, that one roommate who always kept to herself, or even that one person with no friends. The good news is whatsoever your case may have been, or however hard it may have been, it’s all gone. I’m sure you are wondering, ‘gone?, really?’ , you have got to be kidding me. People don’t forget things! ‘ It’s like the phrase what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you have got to live past it. The first step to getting over a certain experience or scenario is living past it or above it, make a conscious effort to let it go and focus on moving past it.

A new session is a new ground for you to build upon, a clean slate, an open journal for you to fill in for yourself whatsoever you deem fit. Like why serve a day old bread when you have got another batch baking in the oven. And this is what brings us to the September agenda. For many of us the school years starts in September, others late August but whatever time or may be we all need to have an agenda, that goal we want to reach. Forget about last semesters heartaches and unachieved goals and set new ones. I am not talking about the ‘I want to have a degree’ goal or the ‘I want to come out tops in my class’ goal, nope not those, we all want those for ourselves. For this new session what new thing do you want, something fresh, something besides that which you had done or laid down. Do you want to make new friends? Go ahead! Do you want to break that attitude or make up with that friend or be nicer, be more social, less arrogant, be less judgmental? What is stopping you. Get up and go ahead! Besides getting good grades and coming out tops we all have other things we want to achieve, most of them may seem hard to achieve, others just out of the world and near impossible but you never know till you try so whatsoever it may be get up and get it done. It doesn’t have to make sense to you or people around you, just have faith and push onward, it may take several turns to get it right but if you keep pushing you would get it right eventually. So as the school years comes close, set your goals and go for them and when you have reached that milestone set a higher and bigger one.

Jumoke Ademola


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  1. Olaidozen says:

    Nice article. 👍👍


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